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What Is The 'How To Be A Superhero' Programme?

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Primary School is a vital time for students, they are building their character, growing up rapidly and of course, getting their first taste of exam pressure.


'How To Be A Superhero' is a 6 Week Workshop programme which delivers key messages to Primary School students through assemblies and daily videos which can be played in the classroom. 


Each week the programme will explore a new theme. These themes are:


Bravery, Resilience, 'My Superpower'

CommunicationFocus and Kindness

What Are The Programme's Main Aims?

To help students develop their Character

  • Encourage Cohesion amongst students

  • Raise levels of Empathy 

  • Improve student Confidence

  • Raise Students Self-Esteem

What Makes The Programme Unique?

This programme taps into the 'YouTube Generation'. 

We have embraced the current level of attention and love young people are giving to platforms such as YouTube and created a digital workshop programme in a style that will resonate with them.


We believe in lasting impact. So rather than giving one-off solutions to schools, this programme gives you daily video content containing a lesson and a new  'mission' for students each day for 6 Weeks!

Why Superheroes?

Superheroes are awesome! 

Children love superheroes and the idea of being a superhero but often believe that it’s only their superpower (super speed, super strength, flying) that make them amazing heroes. 

This programme uses the Superheroes we know and love but instead breaks down the characteristics each hero has that makes them a hero regardless of their powers. Enabling students to understand and believe that they too, can be superheroes!

What Will Aim A Little Higher Provide?

Each Primary school enrolled in the programme will get:


  • A unique password to access the 30 online videos 

  • 3 Visits from a member of the Aim A Little Higher school speaker team

  • Workbooks for each student to fill out throughout the programme (physically delivered rather than PDF)

  • Certificates for each student 

(Please note, schools are able to select an online-only version 

of the workshop programme)

"The children were absolutely inspired
and so engrossed and engaged"
- Charlotte Krzanicki
Principal of Dogsthorpe Academy

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