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The Podcast Details

What’s the point?

The Aim A Little Higher Podcast was created to inspire Students, Young Entrepreneurs and ambitious young people! In the Aim A Little Higher Podcast host Kamal Hyman interviews inspirational individuals every Monday & Wednesday and finds out what makes them tick and his they have created a life filled with passion and fulfilment; we then find out how YOU can do the same! Each Saturday we answer our listeners questions which can be submitted via www.AimALittleHigher.com

Who’s it for?

The Aim A Little Higher Podcast is aimed at young people between 16-25 and Educators. This includes Teachers, Principals, Employers, Young Entrepreneurs, Students and all ambitious young people! Of course, there will be messages and interviews which are relevant to adults over 25 and without a doubt we’ll get some young people under 16 who are aiming a little higher already!

Who will we hear from?

Inspirational individuals! People who are living a life based around their passion; they could be entrepreneurs, athletes or actors etc. We will also be sure to interview individuals who are just begging their journey! The interviews will let us know how they’ve achieved their goals and how YOU can do the same!

The Interview - Kamal Hyman



Kamal Hyman is one of the UK's youngest professional speakers. His unique dynamic and interactive style of delivery leaves audiences entertained, informed and most importantly inspired! He has spoken to

over 25,000 students across the UK and reached over 50,000 people online through his YouTube Videos.

As a young man at school Kamal was a coaster, doing just enough to get by until a serious conversation with his parents challenged him to raise his standards which resulted in him leaving school with 7 A's and 2 A*'s. He then went on to become Youth MP for Peterborough; following this year of impact he was nominated and selected as an Olympic Torchbearer #001 on Day 47. Kamal continues to strive to stretch himself and was recently selected by Peter Jones (as seen on Dragons Den) as the National Entrepreneur of The Year 2015.


Kamal was a really energetic and happy child who loved performing! He tried sports which didn’t really go as well as planned; he fell in love with acting & street dance for the art of performance and self-expression!

Education Route:

Kamal went to secondary school where he achieved 7 A’s, 2 A*’s, A distinction in Business, Merit in IT and a C in French which he took after school.

He then went on to Sixth Form and completed his AS Levels and after becoming Youth MP Kamal made the decision to leave formal education to go and become the full time Youth MP.

Kamal didn’t go to University; he believes University is for people who know exactly what they want to do such as becoming a doctor or engineer. Whereas Kama is a professional speaker which there is no course for!

After long discussions with his Fiancé and future mother in law Kamal decided to go back to college and join the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy where he completed a Level 3 BTEC in Enterprise &

Entrepreneurship and was crowned as Peter Jones’ National Entrepreneur of The Year.

First Job

As a young child Kamal was very entreprenurial, he had his own businesses where he would charge people to be pushed on his go kart or rent his goes out to neighbours. He also worked on Wembley Market with his parents.

His first traditional job for an employer was working at a bowling alley as a party host. After being asked to pick up poo he realised this role was not for him!

Significant or Surprising Achievements

Whilst on holiday with his family in Jamaica Kamal jumped off of a cliff in Negril. He took 5 hours to do it; running back and fourth thinking about it but not having the guts to do it! Meanwhile his young brother jumped off multiple times as well as other members of his family! But once he did it he felt amazing!


The incident at work opened his eyes, after mind mapping what he enjoyed doing he thought his passion was teaching dance. He later realised it wasn’t about the dance it was more about the helping of other people! After seeing Tony Robbins on stage he realised this is what I want to do and how I want to help people!


One of the keys to building his vision was volunteering! He believes that he learnt so much from bing Youth MP and gained valuable experience.

He then started delivering speeches for free, reached out to a mentor who did not really reply for a year (but was watching him the whole time).

Kamal started a website & a YouTube channel and started uploading YouTube videos which he called ‘Three Minute Motivation”

He began to get feedback from clients to help him to improve and have a collection of testimonials.

Then the mentor reached out to him after seeing gate work he had been putting in and took him under his wing. Kamal spent time working closely with the mentor and mastering the craft of speaking and understanding how to run a speaking business.

Rapid Round

What time do you wake up?

Depending on the tasks for the day! Speaking day - 4/5am Gym day - 5am Working from home day - 9/10am

What one thing do you do in the morning to guarantee a productive day? Have a clear plan/vision for what he needs to do the next day! Shower, Music & Comedy!

If you could be any animal which would you be & why?

A Tiger! Kamal used to have a large tiger on his bed called Snowy that made him feel safe when he was younger! He also believes they are a beautiful animals, they get things done and they protect their families!

What’s your favourite dessert?

Chocolate cake & custard

Name one thing you couldn’t go without?

His Fiancé and his daughter! His family keep him grounded and inspired.

Materialistic answer - MacBook, it’s how he edits the Podcasts!

You’re at a karaoke bar, what’s your go to song?

Goldigger - Kanye West Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen to close

Tell us something most people don’t know about you?

Kamal is scared of horror films and rollercoasters!

What is your most effective daily habit?

Kamal has an addictive personality so he usually focusses on one project with all of his energy; so at the moment it’s editing & scheduling the podcast episodes! Whatever takes him closer to the overall goal that day!

What’s your biggest distraction?

His phone and his ideas (shiny object syndrome)

Time Machine Question?

  1. Start a YouTube channel with consistent videos, at least one every week to build a consistent following & launch Podcast to go with it!

  2. Start Ballet classes. To get strong and strengthen his core without caring about anyones opinion

  3. Start reading personal development and business books

Why Do You Do What You Do?

Because he is going to die. When he dies; it will say 1994 - (3050 he’s hoping) but he wants that dash to represent a lot! So wants to crete something that makes such a large impact on the world that it out lives him.

Secondly because he genuinely believes that the work he does can change lives and impact the world. Doing anything less of this calling would be doing the world a disservice.

3 Actions To Get To Where Kamal Hyman Is

  1. Get a YouTube channel and show us what you’re about.

  2. Love yourself, if you don’t how can anybody else.

  3. Go and find a mentor! Someone who’s doing what you want to do! (The podcast is a great way to start)

One piece of advice

Aim A Little Higher than anyone expects you to.

Contact: Kamal Hyman

Twitter: @KamalHyman Facebook: www.facebook.com/kamalhyman Instagram: @KamalHyman Snapchat: KamalHyman

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