What Is The 'My Student Brand'


My Student Brand is a 6 week intensive programme which takes students through a 4 stage process. We deliver 6 in person workshops with students along with providing each student with access to the online digital academy containing daily videos for the duration of the programme.

Stage 1 - Discover 'Know Yourself'

Students begin the programme with a series of exercises which challenge them to raise their levels of self-awareness. This stage of the programme aims to empower students to be able to positively identify their unique traits such as talents, skills and hobbies whilst also getting them to be comfortable with speaking about themselves positively.

Stage 2 - Design 'Know Your Vision'

The design stage of the programme gets students to design a clear vision for what they would like their lives to look like after education. This gives students a future compelling enough to work hard now.

Stage 3 - Build 'Don't Chase Your Dreams'

We challenge the 'chase your dreams' mindset and instead put the responsibility back into the hands of the students in order to make clear the importance of focusing on what they can control - their attitude, actions and habits. 

Stage 4 - Present 'Show The World'

Handshakes, eye contact and even the pronunciation of their name. We equip students with the soft skills that will help them to make a positive first impression, feel prepared for interviews and appear confident even when they do not feel it inside.

What Are The Programme's Main Aims?

  • Increase students level of self awareness 

  • Raise self-confidence

  • Clarity on their future

  • Improved work ethic

  • Soft skills to accompany and amplify academic skills

How Will The Programme Work Practically?

Aim A Little Higher recommends a maximum of 15 students in each workshop for the most effective results.

Each workshops lasts 90 minutes

and is delivered once a week. 

We will deliver 3 workshops each day allowing us to work with up to 45 students throughout the programme.

The programme lasts 6 weeks

Each organisation enrolled in the programme will get:

  • Access to the online 'My Student Brand Academy'       containing supporting online video courses

  • 6 Visits from a member of the Aim A Little Higher team

  • Workbooks for each student to fill out throughout the programme (physically delivered rather than PDF)

  • Prizes for stand out students

What Will Aim A Little Higher Provide?

Teacher Feedback 

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