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What is the Aim a Little Higher Assembly all about?

Assemblies are an awesome time for teachers to relay key messages to students. However, after a while, students get used to hearing from their teachers day to day and occasionally assemblies need that extra spark to reignite them. That's where Aim A Little Higher comes in!


Our assemblies are high energy, interactive and are delivered with a splash of humour allowing them to be both entertaining and relevant to young audiences.


We remind students of the importance of loving themselves, developing a vision beyond education and how their habits can set them up for both academic and personal success.

The assembly aims to empower students by providing them with guidance, relatable examples and inspiration to go out and build their dreams, create objectives and plans of action as well as helping those 'coasters' which might not have a direct goal in what they should aim to do next and teaching them the principle of aiming a little higher. We want to make sure we are able to connect with every student, our assemblies are tailored to fit with today's technological and social era but at the same time breaking through that barrier created by teens of having to be popular and returning to the fundamentals of being a student destined for their own individual success.

What will be covered in the assebmly?

  • The importance of self-awareness

  • Gaining clarity on your vision

  • Challenging the concept of 'chasing your dreams' and replacing it with a growth mindset of 'building your dreams'

  • How I mastered my habits to achieve 7As & 2A*s

  • Managing your reputation in school

And much more to help students Aim a little higher

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What is Aim a Little Higher?

We are Aim A Little Higher! A family run business with a mission to deliver personal development programmes to Students, Apprentices and Young people across the United Kingdom.

Aim A Little Higher started out with the founder travelling to schools around the UK on a mission to inspire students to raise their standards, achieve academic success and gain clarity on their future. Since that journey began back in 2014 the concept has grown, and through these efforts, we have served over 30,000 students across the UK. 

Our sessions are high energyentertaining and engaging. We believe that students learn best when they are enjoying themselves and feedback has shown that students find our team relatable, entertaining and most importantly "they actually find us helpful".

"Even the most disengaged students listened and engaged"
- Ian Ladley
"I feel Inspired to do more"
"I just found the whole experience really good and he gave me tips on how to revise more and stay concentrated"
- Students
"[Kamal was] Talking about goals and targets and believing in themselves
- Mel Dixon

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